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About Our Pet Hotel

At Yuma Pet Hotel & Resort, we are committed to offering and delivering first rate customer service for all your pet's needs. Your pets will be in the best of hands when you are at work or out fo town, with caring and dedicated staff who will treat each and every pet as their own. We are a family business, inspired by the needs of our own fur babies. What we expect from the care of our two furry children are the standards that we strive to achieve and deliver everyday. 

As pet parents we understand how hard it is to leave them behind when traveling for work, emergencies, etc. Its harder when you think that they won't be treated with the same love and enthusiam. At Yuma Pet Hotel this will be one less of your worries. Our business comes from a passion for animals and the need to find a home away from home for your furry friends. 

Our Team

Dedicated to Serving the Yuma Area Pet Owner's Community.

Myra B

Customer Relations

Pitbull Portrait
George T

Facility Manager

Our Team
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